Keep Them Dumb, Keep Them Pregnant

"Keep Them Dumb, Keep Them Pregnant" is a four-part examination of Teen-Aid, a religious outfit that promotes phony "sex education" materials to public schools. These materials include the books Sexuality, Commitment & Family (which Teen-Aid offers as a high-school text) and Me, My World, My Future (which Teen-Aid sells for use in junior high schools). Both books are actually propaganda tracts: Combining fundamentalist preaching with pseudoscientific claptrap, they seek to deceive students and to promote various superstitions and sociopolitical doctrines espoused by the Religious Right. In advertising its fake "educational" items, Teen-Aid uses misleading claims and plain lies.
Pointer "Part 1: The Scam in Spokane" -- When asked to provide documentation for claims printed in Teen-Aid's promotional handouts, Teen-Aid's national director refused. Investigation soon showed that the claims were bogus.
Pointer "Part 2: Some Antics in Antigo" -- In 1991 the school district of Antigo, Wisconsin, adopted a curriculum based on some of Teen-Aid's materials, even though the district's teachers considered those materials unacceptable and repugnant. The events in Antigo illustrate how the Religious Right can gain control of sex-education and health-education programs in public schools.
Pointer "Part 3: Reviewing Teen-Aid's Book for High Schools" -- Three reviewers analyze Teen-Aid's Sexuality, Commitment & Family.
Pointer "Part 4: Reviewing Teen-Aid's Book for Junior High Schools" -- Three reviewers look at Teen-Aid's Me, My World, My Future.


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