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The Web site of The Textbook League is a resource for middle-school and high-school educators. It provides commentaries on some 200 items, including textbooks, curriculum manuals, videos and reference books. Most of the commentaries appeared originally in the League's bulletin, The Textbook Letter.

The 200 items are divided into twenty categories -- sixteen categories that correspond to conventional high-school and middle-school courses, then four auxiliary categories. The Directory below shows the names of all the categories, each preceded by a colored symbol. You can go directly to any category by clicking on the adjacent symbol.

Pointer American history
Pointer World history
Pointer Geography
Pointer Social studies
Pointer Health and sexuality
Pointer General science
Pointer Earth science
Pointer Physics
spacer Pointer Chemistry
Pointer General biology
Pointer Human biology
Pointer Life science
Pointer Physical science
Pointer Mathematics
Pointer Driver education
Pointer Environmental science
Pointer Books for high-school honors courses
Pointer Videos
Pointer Crank literature and hoaxes
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American history: high-school books

American history: middle-school books

World history: high-school books

World history: middle-school books

Geography: high-school books

Social studies: high-school books

Social studies: middle-school books

Health and sexuality: high-school books

Health and sexuality: middle-school books

General science: high-school books

General science: middle-school books

Earth science: high-school books

Earth science: middle-school books

Physics: high-school books

Chemistry: high-school books

General biology: high-school books

Human biology: high-school books

Life science: middle-school books

Physical science: middle-school books

Physical science: books for grade 8 or 9


Driver education

Environmental science: high-school books

Books for high-school honors courses
or advanced-placement courses


Crank literature and hoaxes

Good publications for your professional library


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